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Welcome to Suresh Skin Clinic, the premier skin clinic in Kodad, renowned for providing exceptional care and expertise in a wide range of skin treatments. As the best skin clinic in the area, we specialize in offering Botox and fillers services to help you achieve a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.


At Suresh Skin Clinic, we understand the desire for a smoother and more youthful complexion. Our skilled practitioners are experienced in administering Botox injections, which effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Using precise techniques, we target specific areas to achieve natural-looking results, allowing you to regain your confidence and restore a more youthful appearance.

Beautician do botox injection with syringe to girl
Dermal Filler Injection for Cheeks


Enhance your natural beauty and restore facial volume with our expertly administered fillers. Our team of experienced professionals uses high-quality dermal fillers to address volume loss, plump thin lips, and smooth out deep lines and wrinkles. With our personalized approach, we ensure that your fillers are customized to your unique facial features, resulting in a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

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As the best skin clinic in Kodad, we prioritize your satisfaction and well-being. Our team of skilled dermatologists and aestheticians is dedicated to delivering exceptional results while ensuring your comfort and safety throughout the process. We combine our extensive knowledge and experience with the latest techniques and advancements in the field to provide you with outstanding outcomes.

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When you choose Suresh Skin Clinic, you are choosing the best skin clinic in Kodad. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our advanced treatments and personalized care, ensures that you receive the highest standard of service. Visit us today and discover the difference of working with the leading skin clinic in town. Let us help you achieve your aesthetic goals and enhance your natural beauty with our Botox and fillers services.